Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday with the Brams

Adam, Margot and the kids came over for the first time in several months and we celebrated Margot's 40th birthday. I made my famous raspberry peach pie which everyone enjoyed and we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the cool breezy sunny day. Naomi and Reed's immediate reaction to the pie was that they didn't want any but they quickly changed their minds as you can see below.

We gave Margot a lovely brown, grey and beige pearl necklace that she and Naomi are admiring here. Naomi had just lost a front tooth and was showing her gap off to everyone. Like her aunt, she is getting some of her teeth in right in front of her baby teeth, so getting them out is painful.

Adam and Naomi are getting ready to go in this picture. Of course Dad gave Adam a bottle of wine and Naomi is holding a huge bag of ribbon remnants that I got at the ribbon outlet for $5 and her precious lamb puppet that I got her at the Panto two years ago. She announced that she wouldn't mind living here for a while.

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