Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Brother Heard From

Sitting peacefully at my pc before dinner this evening when suddenly my Skype phone rang and it was my brother - video image and all. Turned out that he had just installed Skype and had tried ringing ABJ but she and SJ were probably out partying or just not answering the phone so he settled for his sister. I think we are the only two people he knows on Skype. Had one of the longest phone conversations ever with him - clearly the technology had him hooked (I don't fool myself that it was our scintillating dialogue). He had this absolutely huge microphone that looked like it was from a 50's TV studio. Turned out he is setting up a video feed for a presentation he is making next week.

I was right, he is considering getting an iPad. He is the also the second person who has hounded me to get on Twitter in the past two days so I finally did it only to find that he hasn't tweeted a thing or maybe I am just following the wrong person. Technology is wonderful. And it is snowing again ........ 12 degrees F. Heat wave tomorrow - going all the way up to 30.


  1. his is

    more snow? how much?

  2. Looks like we got about 2-3 inches here - the south got hit really hard again but we lucked out.