Monday, June 28, 2010

Vol 3, Catfish to Crenshaw

Volume 3 of my old Women's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, is the most worn. Carpet tape binds the front and back covers together and the pages slide out when I take it off the shelf. It is part of a 12 volume set that was sold book by book in the Acme when I was in my late teens, and contains a wealth of recipes pre-cholesteral, sodium, and fat worries. Of course, despite the lashings of heavy cream and butter, we were all a lot thiner then.
The main cause of this volume's dilapidation is the Christmas cookie section with cream cheese foldovers, russian teacakes and other delights.

But following this are the recipes for chocolate butter icing, cornmeal muffins and cherry pie.
Lots of tasty family memories in this volume. Someday soon I will have to copy it page by page before it disintegrates.

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