Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love that Liberty

This morning I had my coffee in my lovely new liberty mug, compliments of ABJ :). Somehow the flowers are suggestive of the fruit in the basket. And admired a selection of the goodies that she has given me - past and present.
Two weeks ago I started making a summer blouse with one of my prints and found that ABJ had replenished a meter of one of my favorites when I opened my birthday goodie box. It looks much better on me than on the dressform, but my attempts to take a picture of myself were too weird to post.
One of my favorite meter gifts was perfect for the lining of the collar.

I have hoarded all my prints for years, but have decided that is really time to use them. Let's see what else I can think of. I have heard that this obsession is genetic :)


  1. what a cool blouse, are those little pleats I see? How long is it?

  2. Yes they are. It falls below the crotch so it will look great with my skinny jeans.