Friday, August 14, 2009

Fall Fashions

I got the new fall fashion issues of Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire and the contents were pretty appallingly unwearable. To give you an idea, the cover of Harpers is inspired by Michael Jackson and there are four pages of quasi military getup a la Thriller complete with white socks. The shoes are also so 70's - gag. Maybe when I get to the UK the UK editions will be a bit better. There were a few things that I liked though. Nice, simple and elegant.
Love the colors - almost bought a pair of ballet flats in this mauve a week ago.

And, of course the quintinessional expensive purple bag by Mulberry.
I did get ideas about what I can save/resurrect from my current wardrobe, however. The bigger coat with shoulder pads just saved my 10 year old black coat. More about that next time.

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