Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wasp 1: Carol 0

I am not feeling too good about collecting the mail these days. As a result of an encounter with a wasp Monday afternoon I am now in posession of an EpiPen. On my way to do some errands in my car, I got stung by this nasty insect who had decided to build its nest under the mailbox and wasn't too happy about my approach. As I pulled the mail out, it stung me on the arm. I went back to the house because it hurt like the dickens and put some benedryl on the area, then proceeded to the drugstore which is 5 minutes away.
By the time I got to CVS I was beginning to feel quite itchy, so after I checked out, I looked under my arms and my stomach and saw that I was totally covered with little red dots like measles (yes I am old enough to know what measles look like). Feeling a bit nervous about how quick it had happened, I decided to drive to the doctor's office - also 5 minutes away. By the time I got to the office I was starting to feel my esophagus constricting painfully and the red dots were now large red hives. They took my blood pressure and found it was crashing so they quickly shot me up with prednisone and benedryl which made me feel totally soporific and started to clear up the symptoms. My husband came to pick me up, since I could barely walk, and filled prescriptions.
It has all cleared up now, but I am still on the prednisone which makes me feel incredibly energetic - but not too interested in collecting the mail. And now I have an EpiPen

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