Saturday, August 20, 2011

I fought the Yellow Jacket and the Yellow Jacket won........

Yes, here I am again - just back from the emergency room with a painful swollen leg, swollen wrist, a finger that looks like a breakfast sausage and feeling woozy from an epinephrine shot and IV steriods. But at least I can now breathe ok and am not covered with itchy welts from head to toe. I mean what are the odds of never having been stung by anything in 62 years and then getting 3 episodes (one only a month ago) in one year.

But who said that life was fair?

Between these varmints and the deer ticks, my life as a gardner has become life-threatening. So I guess I am going to take my allergist's advice and start getting those once a week shots that just might make me immune after 5 years. Not a happy prospect but at this point I think I would rather be alive. than dead from anaphylactic shock. Guess I will go lie down since I am having a harder and harder time doing this typing. And I should be feeling this way for a week since I have been given prescriptions that all say that they make you drowsy and prohibit you from driving. Sure - so how am I going to get to work? And where is Carol - oh she is the one who is snoring in her office.

And all my gardening tools and wheelbarrel are lying randomly across the grass where I dropped them and ran for my life. :(

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