Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy BD Takes 3 &4

Yesterday Harold took me out to the Farmhouse for my Birthday dinner. The weather was uncharacteristically pleasant and breezy for late July so we sat out outside where I enjoyed fresh rainbow trout crusted with Pistachios and indulged in a piece of cheesecake for dessert. Got a lovely deep turquoise Zuni bracelet from him.
Today I raced down to open Ash’s mystery box that has been sitting in my office for a week. She gave me a lovely Liberty duvet cover and pillowcases that we had been drooling over last May and we talked about her biking/hiking trip to the Lake Country when I called her to thank her.

Since the weather has been so lovely and balmy, and it is my birthday after all, violent thunderstorms and hail ripped through the area around 1:30. Can’t have a weather-neutral day for a Leo’s birthday! I dashed out to the deck and turned the table upside down and hauled the dripping chairs into the sun room. Last time we had weather like this, the table slammed into the siding and punctured a hole in it.

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