Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Take 2

Paul made me a lovely, though somewhat over-rich birthday lunch this afternoon. Lobster Crepes with Asparagus and Champagne; Blueberry Trifle for dessert; swimming in between courses. My husband was sure that Paul has AC; but of course he doesn't so we all sweated gently in the 95+ heat. Paul is leaving on Tuesday in his little red Miata to visit his brother in Iowa, then on to visit his mother in Wisconsin and finally catching up with John in Aspen for a concert series; then the two of them head back with to the Poconos for a party. Whew! John tells me that July 27th is a big religious holiday for Russian Orthodox so that's why he can't leave with Paul, and that's also why we celebrated my birthday early. Now to pack and get ready to make my weekly pilgrimage to Central PA. Talked to Ashley at Chloe Alberry- envy her and SJ who are headed to the cool Lake country for five days of biking. BTW, Take 1 was at my brother's house last week.

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