Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yin Yang

Two parts of me, sometimes locked in combat. One is the executive, technology architect, leader, highly organized, practical, politically astute, equally at ease determining requirements for manufacturing data collection and moving entire companies to enterprise systems. The other is the artist, sometime dancer (poor feet), romantic, jam and pie-maker, gardener, designer, music-lover. My staff is always surprised when bits of this side are revealed. “How do you get time to do all this?” Not very well right now. Living in a hotel four days a week gives me three evenings at home – the first of which starts when I arrive late after a 3 hour drive and the third of which ends early because I have to get up at 5 the next morning for my 3 hour drive back to work, my office and the blandness of the hotel in central Pennsylvania. Once I thought I had enough time for both, now I feel I might have sacrificed the artist. As my daughter gets older I can see that she has inherited these two parts of me. She is one of the few people who understand my struggle – once because she loved me, now because she feels the duality herself. I hope she can have it all.

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