Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birthday Lunch With Mom

Today I had my birthday lunch with Mom. As we usually do, we went to Helen Kuo's Peking Restaurant - Helen is an old friend of my parents . Mom gave me her lovely Moonstone and Sapphire ring that I have been admiring since I was seven. She got it at Wanamakers in Philadelphia when she was working at the Philadelphia Navy Yard during WW2. I remember her wearing the ring with her navy blue lace dress with the square neck fitted bodice sprinkled with little rinestones and mid-calf flared skirt when she dressed up for evenings out. It was the only evening dress she had for years, so I saw it often. She always wore Chanel #5 and I can remember sitting on the stairs in my pajamas thinking she looked like the prettiest mother anyone could have. The dress is a true 50's classic. She still has it and I can fit into it. Couldn't have wished for a better day.

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