Saturday, August 9, 2008

I love.......Blue

When I think of the things (as opposed to people) I love, one of the most enduring is the color blue. The items I tend to buy in blue are long lasting household items, some of which I have had for over 40 years. Maybe it is my Scandinavian blood but it all started with Dansk Blue Mist plates, which I found in the Dansk outlet in Ardmore when I was 18 and packed them away for my future home. They were discontinued a while ago but I continue to replenish my collection at Replacements Unlimited.

I picked up the two wooden handled enameled pots in the picture about 8 years later when I had my own apartment. I ordered the Kitchen Aid Mixer from a catalog before Ashley was born – so that’s over 24 years ago – for my cookie, bread and pasta making in the big kitchen in the Little Washington-Lyndell Road farmhouse. I paid full price because I fell in love with the lovely cobalt blue color. The Kitchen Aid toaster was added to my collection when we bought our current house 9 years ago. It’s not toasting evenly any more but I can’t bring myself to replace it.

I made the chair covers out of a remnant I bought at Laura Ashley before they closed all the stores here and covered two of the chairs from my mother’s old handmade wrought Iron garden set. The garden set itself is probably around the same age as I am since there are pictures of me as a baby crawling over the glass tabletop.

The flower pots are relatively new. One of the original ones was broken by the guy who powerwashed our deck and I spent two years looking for another one that matched. Just found it last Spring!

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