Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rant on Viva La Vida

I just read yet another nasty review of Cold Play’s latest album in last week’s New Yorker. The reviewer whined about their free concert in New York, complained that the audience seemed less than enthusiastic and disparaged their incredibly bad taste in mentioning to the audience that it was free. He also compared the group unfavorably to U2 and, of course, Radiohead, and implied that Gwyneth was there only to give them some free publicity. That should teach Chris Martin not to waste his time on jaded ill-mannered New Yorkers.

Ashley sent me video clips that she took at the free London concert at Brixton and this definitely wasn’t the case with the British fans. I find it hard to believe that all these reviewers are listening to the same music as I am, but my own brother shares their opinion. Actually I think he might have been talking to the same New Yorker reviewer because three weeks ago he made exactly the same complaint that their music puts him to sleep. Perhaps he listened to too much hard rock in the 60’s and 70’s and is suffering from hearing loss. When I come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing many (actually, not even one) of my generation at the concert, so maybe I am Cold Play’s only 60 year old fan.

I googled the reviewer to see how old he is and found that he was born in 1967. Hmmm, that makes him an early Gen Xer – hardly the same group that my daughter belongs to – the Millennials. The Millennials are supposed to be much more idealistic, open-minded and socially conscious than the materialistic, career- focused Gen Xer. To quote Wikipedia “Gen-Xers complain the Millennials are another indulged generation like the Boomers—that they’re self-absorbed and Pollyanna-ish. Millennials charge that Gen-Xers are cynical and aloof—that they throw a wet blanket on fresh ideas and idealism” Maybe that explains it and maybe the reason I enjoy the music is that I have spent too much time with a Millennial . I am sure that M Ward and Jens Leckman would put them to sleep also. Maybe that’s what I relate to - and I am lucky enough not to have lost too much of my hearing at Woodstock.

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