Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When I went to pay the florist for the wedding flowers today, I looked at the invoice and found that I had a three letter honorific following my name - MOB. After a moment of blankness I realized that I am the Mother of the Bride, AKA MOB. I guess that makes my husband FOB, and her brother BOB. Fortunately she doesn't have a sister (SOB). It is not so bad when you consider the Groom's father is FOG, his mother MOG and his sister SOG. Best not to mention this to them.

Then the florist asked me the names of the bridesmaids ( I guess she is going to label the bouquets or something) and in some confusion I had to admit that three of them are named Kate, Katie and Katie. Thank goodness one of them has the sense to be named Steph or I am sure she would thought that I was totally wifty . What else would you expect from the MOB?

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