Friday, September 25, 2009

Camel Coats This Year Again

More from the October Issue of Harper's. They were even nice enough to write a horoscope suggesting that my money (job) worries would be resolved in October. This would mean that I could do more than just post pictures of lovely camel colored coats for the second year in a row.... They really fell down on hats in this issue though. These look like the hairdresser didn't show up for the shoot so they had to grap a rain hat from a passer-by.
Lovely jacket but what is the little shmata doing on this poor model?! - not many of us could get away with a towel thrown casually on our heads and she is no exception. Reminds me of the old Russian women who used to sweep the streets of St Petersburg with twig brooms back in the mid-90's.

And I love the color of the lovely soft sweater in the Coach ad.. maybe I could knit it (a little less baggy though) with all the spare time I have on my hands.

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