Monday, September 28, 2009

Ideas for Christmas

While ABJ and I were shopping in Liberty we saw these great (pricey) lavendar sachets, tied together in sets of 3, that would be great for Christmas presents. When I got home, I checked and I have the velveteen, ribbons, ribbon roses and of course lots of Liberty fabrics. I found a place that sells bulk lavendar on the internet and now I am just trying to figure out how much lavendar is in a pound. I think I have some laminating plastic that I once applied to seat covers, so that should work for the luggage tag, but I am concerned that they will be too thick to stitch with my machine. I have some leather needles that I need to try out.
I used to make belt buckles and belts for my dresses when I was a teenager. This is neat but I am not sure who I would give it to. I think I still have the belt forms around somewhere so I could try making one, but I also need to think about what I would use for the belt itself.
Then I remembered that one year when I was living in the UK, I made some of these for presents. Mine were gathered and cushier. No idea who I gave them to that year but I know I made them and I sure don't have any around. Still have a few of the wooden hangers, but need to get some more. This could definitely do for any woman on my list.

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