Saturday, September 11, 2010


I don't know how I got into this but tonight I found myself infatuated with a collection of antique buttons from a lady who was selling her aunt's estate on Ebay. Like this lovely large one with a mother of pearl inset. And this graceful art nouveau button..
And this whimsical set of bakelite buttons...

And these sparkly ones

I bid on some and won one because I managed to jump into the bidding 34 seconds before it was over, but I don't think my luck will hold. After all how much are you willing to pay for a button no matter how lovely it is. And most of these are phased all night and I can't see myself staying up until 3AM to bid on an especially appealing button. Apparently their are a lot of avid button collectors because the bidding is torrid.

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  1. wow, they're so cool- the bakelite are especially neat, everything bakelite is very popular right now :)