Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obsession - June Tailor Pressing Board

So here is my current obsession...... Yes I realize that taken out of context it looks a little obscene, but I can't help that. The shape is perfect and the lovely little brass hinges and screws that allow it to fold up are so appealing :)
It all started with an article in Threads that referred to the wonders of the June Tailor pressing board in achieving that sharp tailored look through effective pressing of seams during garment construction. They mentioned that it had been discontinued and could now only be bought used, so naturally I turned to EBay to see if they had one listed. One, without the pad was selling for $45 which I thought was a bit rich, but I found one that was listed for $10- with a lovely pad in pristine condition. Put a bid of 10.26 on it and added it to my watch list on Sunday. Yesterday (this is three days later) I received a notice that someone had bid it up to 11.56, so I decided to keep watching until the last minute. Tonight I took a casual look and nearly fell off my chair when I saw it had 17 bids and was up to $66!!!!!!! .... with 2 more days to go. Yikes!

Now I am obsessed. I have been looking everywhere on the internet for a June Tailor Pressing Board and I can't find zip. Found a crude imitation on a quilting supply site for $34, but it doesn't have the lovely little brass hinges and smooth finish of the real thing. It certainly isn't exactly practical - I have managed to live without one for my whole 55 year sewing career - but I can't get it out of my head.
This is probably where ABJ gets her tendency towards ADD - first a herringbone tweed jacket and now a June Tailor Pressing board :)

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